We are solution-oriented and respond to organisational needs by providing expert and professional advice and support.

We provide consultancy services in many areas, including leadership, Management, and Human Resource Development, digital marketing, public relations, etc.


We provide training that transforms thinking and behaviour. Our training program is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. Participants have full access to the Institute’s Learning Management System and certification on completion.

We provide virtual and in-person training and support in Leadership, Management, Human Resource Development, and Customer Service.

Leadership Assessment

We conduct leadership assessments using the Internationally recognised Leadership Profile tool. Our lead assessor is trained and certified by the Leadership Circle assessment. 

  • The Leadership Circle Profile is a 360 assessment, a tool used by many Fortune 500 Companies to evaluate the pattern of thinking and leadership skills of employees. The assessment reveals how these two areas enhance or limit leadership.



We coach individuals and groups to solve problems, improve performance and achieve goals. Our coach will partner with the client to maximize personal and professional potential. Our lead coach is certified by the International Coaching Federation. 

We coach in the following areas:

  • life coaching
  • spiritual coaching
  • personal development coaching
  • relationship coaching
  • work and business coaching
  • teen coaching 


We recruit the best staff to enhance your team and fulfil your organisation’s vision.

As part of the recruitment process, we provide

  • Psychometric testing
  • Personality testing
  • Sourcing
  • Thorough screening and vetting
  • Interviews
  • Orientation
  • Onboarding and
  • Training

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